Various Types Of Wall Clocks You Can Buy

by Hazel P.

Wall clocks, also known as horloge murale in French, are functional and decorative household accessories. They are popular because they act as accessories, and they also serve as time-telling pieces. In this post, we discuss the different types and guides to wall clocks.

Types of wall clocks you can buy

The market is swarmed with a wide array of wall clock designs. Below are some of the most popular types of wall clocks;

1. Circular

Circular wall clock designs are the oldest and most popular. This type of wall clock can be used to highlight a plan or dull wall. They are also quite functional because reading time on a circular wall clock is effortless. Circular wall clocks are commonly used in workplaces and schools where their primary purpose is to tell time, and the decorative aspect is secondary.

2. Retro

Retro wall clocks are great for houses and workplaces. They feature a classic design that makes any space look positively unique. Most, if not all, retro wall clocks feature large Roman numerals and a chain strap used to hang them on the walls.

3. Vintage

Vintage wall clocks bring an old-school appeal to your home. Most vintage wall clocks feature a globe in the center and metallic Roman numerals on a metallic frame. They are exquisite, and they can act as an accessory for your vintage or rustic style home.

4. Cut out

Cut-out wall clocks are part of the contemporary wall clock design scene. These clocks are designed to separate parts of the wall clock and stuck on the wall separately. For instance, the wall clock may have butterfly cut-outs around it or the hands at the center and numbers floating individually around the hands. Most of them feature an elegant antique design.

5. Novelty

Novelty wall clocks allow you to express your personality and interest. They operate like regular clocks, with the exception that they also function as a piece of art. For instance, you can have your framed picture or any design you wish transformed or fashioned into a clock.

6. Eclectic

With modern technology taking over all industries, the clock-making industry is not an exception. Electric wall clocks come with a 3D effect. They feature an eclectic design that can enhance the appeal of your wall significantly.

Other types of wall clocks are:

  • Kids wall clocks
  • Contemporary wall clocks
  • Outdoor wall clocks
  • Printed and
  • Metallic wall clocks

Tips for choosing the best type of wall clock

When choosing the ideal wall clock for your home or workplace, the following tips would come in handy;

a. Consider your interior design

The type of interior design in your home or office will significantly influence your choice of a wall clock. For instance, if your home features a rustic style, getting an eclectic wall clock would be a step in the wrong direction.

b. Consider your style preferences

Your style will also influence the choice you make. Different people love varying things. For instance, one person may like classic pieces as another loves retro.

c. Consider the size and shape

The clock’s size and shape should be determined based on the amount of space available and the wall clock style.


There are two basic categories of wall clocks. They are; decorative and functional. Decorative wall clocks are used for the sole purpose of adding aesthetic appeal. This means that they do not have to have a functional time-telling element. On the other hand, functional wall clocks are used for the sole purpose of telling time.

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