How bathroom vanities help in the management of small space

by Hazel P.
bathroom vanities

Bathroom vanities deserve all the accolades they have been getting in recent years because among household items; they stand truly industrious. There are very few in-house pieces of furniture that can compare with this household piece, and this is owing to their versatility. Of the many things they are useful for, one of the most outstanding is how much they influence management, especially in limited space.

This article brings you the ways in which bathroom vanities can be useful in the management of small space, have fun reading.

1. They are made for Utility

Many bathroom vanities are made complete with add-ons that are there for convenience, but more importantly, to improve storage options. Such add-ons include;

  • Cabinet

Bathroom vanities, irrespective of size or shape, often feature a cabinet, and this serves as storage space. The number of closets in your vanity can be as low as one or as many as you want. The more you can fit under the sink, the better because you get more uses out of the already carved-out space.

  • Drawers

Drawers and cabinets often go hand-in-hand when it comes to bathroom vanities. The former is usually smaller compared to the latter, and they are designed that way to offer the owner different-sized compartments for maximum storage.

  • Mirror

Another essential and definitely most attractive part of a bathroom vanity is the mirror. Besides their obvious purpose, mirrors can also create the impression of an expanse in space if the lights hit them right. The best part is, they are always situated above the vanity, which means they don’t have to take up already limited space beneath.   

2. They can be made to fit

No matter how small your bathroom is, you can always get a vanity that fits. If, for some reason, you don’t get the right size for your space, there is no need to panic because you can as well have one custom-made. Based on the available space, you can then determine what type of vanity works best for you, and the storage options you prefer.

3. You can mount them

If your bathroom is small and you cannot afford the more traditional freestanding style of vanities, you can as well save space by hanging yours on a wall. This reduces traffic on the ground, and the area underneath can still be put to good use.

4. A storage bin can go under them

If you’re not much of a minimalist, one way to put the space underneath your mounted vanity to good use is by placing another storage unit there. This unit could be a bin or box, whatever works for you. Fortunately, storage baskets and boxes also come in different sizes and shapes, so finding one that fits shouldn’t be hard.

Final Thought

Having a beautiful, well-organized bathroom isn’t a luxury reserved for those with large spaces alone. Vanities, if done right, can help anyone manage their available space, no matter how small. The article above elucidates some of the ways in which your bathroom vanity can help maximize your small space.

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