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by Hazel P.

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CmcakeDesigners is looking to showcase subject-matter experts who are known in their field for high value content that focuses on educating the small business entrepreneur on tips, strategies, technologies and tools that will help them become a Smart Hustler.

How to Contribute

We are looking for contributors with extensive startup, small business or entrepreneurial experience and an overwhelming passion for small business. Additionally, if you are a startup enthusiast, entrepreneur, or business leader with industry-specific expertise that relates to our audience, we’d welcome your article suggestions. We entertain various writing styles, but are most enthusiastic about writers who provide content with high-energy, clear focus and strong content value to our readership.

If you are interested in contributing to CmcakeDesigners, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our categories and content before submitting articles.CmcakeDesignersIf you are interested in contributing to Ledlightworld, we ask that you familiarize yourself with our categories and content before submitting articles.

Submission Standards

CmcakeDesigners accepts original content only. Plagiarism is strictly impermissible. CmcakeDesigners retains first publication rights and the right to reuse or modify content. As a guest contributor, content submissions are unpaid. Featured writers and experts will benefit from attribution, maximized exposure to our global readership and a backlink to their own site. Please read our Terms of Service before submitting material. All submissions should be:

  • Unique, creative, timely, and relevant
  • Narrative-like, news or opinion
  • Correct in spelling and grammar
  • Evident of sources (e.g. quotations, references, links)
  • Author must include a personal bio and image at end of article so we can fully attribute to them

IF YOU ARE SUGGESTING SOMETHING that is NOT related to small business or entrepreneurs, we will not reply.