The Top 5 Floating Beds

by Hazel P.

A bed frame that lacks the conventional wooden or metal legs is referred to as a floating bed. Modern looking floating beds could be appealing to those who want to decorate a tiny bedroom. Information on floating beds Platform beds without a box spring are called floating beds, and they may also be wall mounted. A lot of the wooden cloud bed frame are lower to the ground than other kinds of frames. Some individuals choose to use one if they want more height beneath their mattress. Floating bed frames can fit the majority of common mattress sizes since the foundation often contains flat or uplifted area where a mattress lies. People may often locate one of these reasonably priced frames that meets their wants and budget.

Selection Of A Floating Bed

The following variables may be taken into account while selecting a floating bed:

  1. People with limited living spaces may be able to keep things out of sight thanks to the increased room beneath a floating bed.
  2. Variety of mattress kinds are compatible with floating beds. To guarantee size compatibility, a person should be sure to measure both.
  3. Some floating beds permit the installation of light fixtures if a person would benefit from more illumination. Cleaning this hard-to-reach place may sometimes be made simpler since the bed’s legs are normally closer to the center of the frame. This may assist reduce dust in the sleeping area. People who deal with dust mites may have respiratory problems, such as asthma.
  4. The possession of a floating bed has a number of advantages and disadvantages.


The following are some advantages of floating beds.

  • There may be more space positioning possibilities thanks to the design.
  • It is not necessary to buy a box spring, which might cost less money.
  • People who like contemporary d├ęcor could be drawn to the design.
  • There are several possible colours and styles.
  • Additional storage offered by floating mattresses could be suitable for smaller living areas.


The following are some disadvantages of floating beds.

  • Once set up, the bed frame could be difficult to relocate, particularly wall-mounted models.
  • Aged people are not comfortable with it or those with certain mobility issues to get in and out of bed.
  • Durability may be impacted by variations in overall design quality.

Platform Storage Bed with Drawers by Memomad

The Bali bed is produced by Memomad in the US and comes in king, queen, and twin sizes. The bed frame can be purchased in caramel or white. The bed does not need a box spring since the mattress is supported by slats. The bed is sent in four boxes that must be put together at home. The proportions of the queen model are as follows:

  • weight limit: 880 lbs (lbs)
  • mattress depth when inserted: 3 inches, item weight: 310 lbs (inches)
  • 39 inches mattress width area
  • mattress size: 75 inches

The Bali bed also contains two compartments with doors, two pullout shelves, four shelves, and six storage drawers. Store boxes or spaces to keep things are present in this one.

Freja Bed Frame By Modway

The U.S. made Modway Freja bed frame is only available in queen size. Walnut and cappuccino are the colors to choose from. Additionally available in brown, grey, beige, or white, the headboard fabric. The mattress will be supported by wooden slats, eliminating the need for a box spring. Although the bed has to be put together at home, customers may pay more to add professional assembly. The frame’s dimensions are as follows: length: 93.5 inches, width: 123 inches, and height: 31 inches. Additionally available as an added item are two nightstands that coordinate. Memory foam, spring, latex, or hybrid mattresses may all fit on the frame. According to Modway, the frame has a laminated particleboard foundation and a polyester-upholstered, foam-padded headboard.

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