Basic diamond painting tools you need to know about

by Hazel P.

Some of the most basic diamond painting tools found in most kits include a diamond tray, applicator tools, and wax. But aside from these, there are other things to know about diamond painting tools. After reading this article, you can click here to learn more about diamond painting.

What are the diamond painting tools to know about?

These are some of the most important tools to purchase an effective diamond painting.

  1. Diamond Painting Pens

These are painting pens that are used for the transfer of gemstones onto a canvas. This tool may come off small because of the hand cramps that it gives to its users over some time. For comfortability, you can choose from this list of diamond painting pens below:

  • Dual-sided Premium Wax Diamond Pen
  • Wax Diamond Pen Picker Tool
  • Painting Pals Cartoon Diamond Pen
  1. Diamond Painting Light Box

This tool helps you to lighten up your diamond painting. It also helps you to quickly find symbols on your canvas. This especially comes in handy when you are in a dark area with darker letters. Through the use of a lightbox, you can enhance the light and align your diamonds perfectly on your canvas. If you’re looking to achieve clarity and exactness in your painting, this tool would work for you!

  1. Diamond Painting Storage Box

No one likes to be caught spending a large amount of time on finding the right gemstones for their diamond painting. This is where the diamond painting storage box comes in. It’s one of the diamond painting tools that helps you to organize and properly store your diamonds. This tool often features about twenty-eight compartments that sit individually. With this feature, you will be able to carefully sort through the wide range of diamonds you have in their collection – a great way of preserving the life and longevity of your gems.

  1. Diamond Separator Tool

As a diamond paint artist, you will at some point notice that the gemstones in your collection tend to get stuck in clumps most times because of electricity. When it comes to separating these gems, the process tends to be a bit tedious.

So what do you do? Of course, it wouldn’t make sense to have them thrown away. Purchasing a capable diamond separator tool would be the next option/solution to this. While choosing, ensure to pick one that’s able to remove the fixed electricity that may contribute to the clamping of your diamonds.

  1. Modge Podge Sealer

The modge podge sealer helps you to refine your diamond painting. This way, you will have the painting sealed and also prevent the paints from falling off. With this tool, your painting will continue to be at it’s best!


The main advantage of using diamond painting tools is that they help to make your experience with this mosaic art a memorable one. This article shows some of the most important things you need to own as a diamond painter. We hope you found this helpful.

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