Different Kinds of LED Panel Lights

by Hazel P.

LED panel lights are the ultimate replacements of fluorescent lights in homes, offices, and businesses. They are very versatile and can be used anywhere, provided they are installed properly. They are available in much brighter configurations and have a lifespan of up to 30000 hours.  In the most basic installation, LED panel lights produce large illumination, and the light is distributed and diffused evenly. In this extract, we discuss the types of LED panels lights.

Types of LED Panel Lights

The kind of panel light you choose is highly dependent on your need or lighting requirement, and the installation method you prefer. Installation can be done on the wall, ceiling, and flat surface areas. The basic installation methods include; suspension using a mounting body, ceiling or surface mounting, and recess. The common types include;

· Rectangular/ Square Panels

Most panels come in these two shapes with different dimensions. The size varies depending on your previous fluorescent installation or the current area you want it fixed, such as the ceiling grid.

· Edge-Lit Panels

It was the most popular format in the LED panel category when they were introduced to the market. As the name suggests, the LED chips are arranged on the panel’s inner edge, and the light bounces downwards through a diffuser.  Light enters through the sides and shines out from the surface. The panel tends to be more expensive and is not bright enough. It may also use slightly more power than other panels and may turn yellow after a while.

· Back-Lit Panels

The light panel has the LED chips at it back; thus, distance needs to be kept between the panel and light source. It is a bit thinner than edge-lit panels. Thus, it can be mounted on various surfaces, and light travels through less material. It is ideal for recessed mounting drop-in installation.

· Round Panels

They are often installed in suspending lighting setups. They have acrylic substances on the inside, which provides uniform light output. They are versatile, easy to install, and manage. It also produces an attractive bright light that makes it very efficient to users.

· Dimmable Led Panels

They are very flexible, therefore becoming very popular. They are equipped with a constant current driver that regulates power supply. The dimmable panels can be controlled by using a dimmer switch or a wireless method via infrared. Their ability to lower the light intensity when needed adds a soft and warm touch to a room. They can be dimmed up and down to meet the brightness requirements. They are available in different colors, but white is still the most widely used.

· RGB LED Panel

These light panels are becoming popular due to their ability to change color. They are used for creative lighting options that can be achieved by the use of remote control. Their aesthetic look makes them pieces of attraction when mounted on walls, but they can also be used on ceiling grids.


LED panel lights are a good choice when it comes to energy-saving and an added modern touch. They are unique, with a variety of styles; thus, customers are not limited to a single design.  

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