Four Kitchen Tools to Include In Your Restaurant 

by Hazel P.
Workstation Kitchen Sink

Running a restaurant is a hard task, especially if you don’t have a functional kitchen that you can rely on. If you watched a lot of Gordon Ramsay shows, you should know by now that one of his main kitchen criticisms is not having functional kitchen equipment. There’s a lot of things that you can miss in setting up a kitchen, especially if you’re new in the industry. Continue reading to find out the importance of a great kitchen and what components are needed to have one. 

Importance of a functional kitchen in business

There’s a lot of reasons why Gordon Ramsay gets angry when you serve him food from the Microwave: and one of these reasons is a dysfunctional kitchen. If you’re always serving microwaved goods, it means that your food menu is always frozen and not as tasty compared to freshly made food. 

A functional kitchen not only allows chefs to make better food in a faster and more accurate manner. Functional kitchens also enable customer satisfaction and a lesser probability of food contamination. Here are some of the things you need to have a smooth kitchen workflow.

Four must-have kitchen equipment for professionals

1. Good workstation kitchen sink

A good Workstation kitchen sink is a must if you want an efficient workflow. Continuous cooking means the cooks will also need constant cleaning of cooking equipment. If the kitchen sink can’t handle the regular beating and usage, hot or water, and possible scratches, your cooks might find themselves in disarray every morning.

2. Spacious counters and storage area

Cooking is a very demanding job. There is always a constant need for chopping spices, cutting vegetables and meat, and more. Chances are, there is always one or two cooks that need to get into chopping. Waiting for the counter to clear out is a waste of precious kitchen time. Hence, a spacious counter a necessity in every kitchen. 

In addition to spacious counters, you must also consider getting a good storage area. Not all materials are being used each day. Efficient storage gives more shelve life to the food. It also prevents any food contamination from happening, which can be deadly depending on circumstances. 

3. Commercial oven and small appliances

Appliances and oven make cooking easier and less time-consuming. Make sure that your cooks have basic appliances like food processors and mixers for fast food turnover and a better experience (for both your cooks and the customers). The appliances you should get depends on the food available on your menu.

4. Lighting and positioning

And last but not least, the lighting and positioning of this equipment should be considered in building a kitchen. One of the most annoying things in the kitchen the lights are dim, and the cooks keep bumping into each other because of small spaces. Getting a wide space and dependable lighting makes it easier for the cooks to carry on with their tasks in the kitchen.

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