Our Best Stone-based Countertops- Choosing the Best

by Hazel P.
quartz countertops

Any time you think of natural stone countertops, you must think marble as well as granite. There are, of course, numerous varieties of such stone-based countertops. Every option has its pros and cons. So, whether you are just remodeling the kitchen space or bathroom, or the wet bar basement, you need to compare all existing options of natural stone in the market. It would help if you also were better placed to pick one that better suits your needs.

Here is a quick comparison of the best options on the market.

Deciding the material that’s best for your remodel needs comes down to your specified needs. In the real sense, you should have a budget that is critical to making your selection. It would help if you also weighed in on the durability and maintenance of the natural stones altogether. Here are a couple of things you need to look at.

Every time you think about stone countertops, what leaps into your mind the ubiquitous squares often are separated by grout lines tore out of the last kitchen when you last remodeled the space. Of course, the pieces may have been a hassle to clean, followed by a relatively unattractive retro project.

You might have decided to replace the said surfaces with various natural stone slabs such as granite if you renovated before the housing crash. You may also have decided to renovate using engineered stone, which is also often known as quartz. Therefore, learning more about tile countertops may obviously come as a surprise as they are making a huge comeback- this is in a way that has never been witnessed.


Features and benefits

 If you look at the countertops industry, a lot has emerged over the past three years. This is mainly from sectors in Spain and Italy where there are oversized porcelain slabs similar to granite, wood, linen, in addition to other natural stone materials you may want. Just as the competitive quartz as well as solid surface such as Corian materials, it is clear that porcelain slab slots are known to be nonporous. They are therefore safe and a healthy option for the preparation of food. Unlike the two materials, we have stated earlier, though, porcelain can easily be installed outside.  

  • Granite and its characteristics– This is a well-known choice for natural stone. It provides high-heat as well as scratch resistance coupled with harsh chemicals. This should not etch the surface. Granite is also easy to maintain. It needs sealing only once every other year. Therefore, if you intend to have natural stone, this is your best option. Besides, granite comes in various colors as well as patterns, including others that have taken the marble look. Cost-wise, granite is budget-friendly. It adds value to a home.
  • Choosing the Right Marble for Your Needs– Marble is a natural stone. It is not just an elegant stone but heat resistant too. But when it comes to making the right selection of stone countertops, you may realize that if not correctly sealed, it could be prone to stains. You would not clean it using harsh chemicals as well since the surface will etch away. Maintenance is important. It is in-depth. For that reason, you should pick marble if you are in a position to keep up with that maintenance. Lastly, patterns are well as colors are slightly harder to find in sculpture. Therefore, you won’t have plenty of choices.  
  • Solid Surface– Evidently, the solid surface looks just like natural stone. It is made of acrylic resins. Although you may find it in various colors too, it does not hold up as ideally as natural stone countertops, particularly for heat or harsh weather conditions. But one aspect you will like about this stone surface is how affordable it is.

In Closing

You can now find your ideal natural stone countertop in our office. Whether you need granite countertops, quartz, and marble, or just want to spruce your kitchen with the butcher block, we have the choices to complete your remodel successfully. Feel free to visit our showrooms to take a look. Happy shopping!

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