The High-Grade Pressure Hose Reel: What Is It?

by Hazel P.

The need for a quality hose reel has and will always continue to grow. While it often seems like a herculean task, it is possible to get one that even comes with free shipping.

This demand has called for the development and manufacture of a high-pressure hose reel. This addition to the list of gardening tools has made some jobs easier and more efficient.

So, what is a high-pressure hose reel? This article will address that in closer detail.

What Is the High-Pressure Hose Reel?

This wonderful hose reel design is built for high-pressure hoses and is used for commercial purposes as well as for industrial purposes too.

The high-pressure hose reel is built to give water that is pressurized out for any processes that are required for manufacturing. The pressurized water can also be used for cleaning.

The high-pressure hose reel is made produced with a rubber panel of high grade. The hose reel also needs to be maintained just like any other product used in gardening and other services.

The rubber padding is used as a shock absorber to reduce the effect of shock and vibration that may result from the very high pressure that is generated during the working process.

The rubber prevents the high-pressure hose reel from breaking and or becoming brittle due to the pressure.

The high-pressure hose reels are usually used to clean places with high pressure. The high-pressure hose reel is actively used with a pump for such cleaning purposes.

The high-pressure hose reels are also used to store high-pressure hoses when they are not in use. This is the same with garden hose reels storing garden hoses when they are not in use.

The storage that occurs when neither the high-pressure hose reel nor the high-pressure hose is in use helps protect the high-pressure hose and extends its service period.

What Are the Features of The High-Pressure Hose Reel?

Hose reels are known for working with and storing high-pressure hoses. But did you know that it is sometimes used with normal garden hoses? Probably not.

Here are some other things you might not have known about the high-pressure hose reel that you should know.

1. It Uses Electricity

Many high-pressure hose reels are powered by electricity. They don’t need much of the power to function, with their range between 12 to 115 volts.

2. They Rarely Rust

The hose reel is made from stainless steel and then coated with enamel. The stainless-steel component makes it almost impossible for the high-pressure hose reels to rust.

3. The Hose Reel Price

The high-pressure hose reel is slightly more expensive than other hose reels that are used for garden purposes. Its ability to withstand high pressure and the high temperature reaching 400F is responsible.

The high-pressure hose reel can withstand the high temperature and the high pressure of the water that passes through it.


There you have it. The high-pressure hose reel is marvelously powerful when it is time to deliver. The machine plays its part and assists the high-pressure hose to play its part efficiently.

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